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This page contains discussion related to CMPT 820 -- Multimedia Systems.

Topics to Cover

  • Methods for adaptive streaming over wired and wireless networks
  • Video encoding: Theory and Practice
  • Design of streaming servers
  • Design of streaming clients

Ideas for Projects

Your project could be:

  • New idea related to multimedia. Partial evaluation and validation of the idea should be provided. If your idea is publishable, you may get A+ in this course.
  • Implementation and evaluation of an already-published algorithm/technique/system.
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative comparisons between two already-published algorithm/techniques/systems.
  • A survey of a multimedia topic.

You may work in a group of up to two students (the expectations are higher in this case). Following is an initial list of topics that you may consider for the project. More topics will be added soon. Suggestions are definitely welcomed.

  • Efficient implementation of Network Coding schemes in distributed media streaming systems.
  • Video Streaming and Broadcasting WiMAX networks.
  • Stream re-writing (simple transcoding) from the new scalable H.264/SVC streams to the common H.264/AVC streams. This would allow regular players (e.g., WM, RealPlayers, VLC) to process SVC streams. There H.264/SVC standard documents have some details on implementing this. Also, you may find some partial or even full implementation as open source. If you find/use open source, you MUST mention it and clearly specify what your new contributions are. Check this document for some information.
  • Haptics-based Multimedia Communications. Multimedia applications that interact with biometric sensors (e.g., E-touch, smell, ...). See the paper for an overview: Cha et al., A Framework for Haptic Broadcasting, to appear in IEEE Multimedia Magazine. For more examples, check the work being done at University of Ottawa, MCRLab.
  • Quantitative comparison between different video scalability methods (MDC, Multi-layer, Fine/Medium Grain Scalability, ...)
  • Implementation of H.264/SVC on GPUs (we have the hardware in the NSL)
  • High Definition Video Encoding and Streaming: Survey and Comparison of Different Models
  • Implementation of a video conference system using H.264/SVC (you may use some libraries or open-source code in parts of this project). In 2008, a group of two students did some progress and demonstrated a running system. Their report is available upon request.
  • Implementation and evaluation of media gateway router (a router that provides simple QoS for multimedia streams)

Papers and References