Accelerating of Online Auctions with parallel implementation on GPU

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In this area, we will go over optimization of well known auction mechanisms using by search engines, online auction sites and other application which have a kind of competition for limited resources like network routing. We are mostly investigate on their web applications and mainly speak about online auction mechanisms. Currently online auction mechanisms like VCG and GSP are widely used by search engines for selecting and displaying advertisement beside of search result for specific keyword. At present, search engines like google and yahoo earn tens of billion dollars from online auctions for advertisement. We proposed an optimized and parallel algorithm for VCG which take fewer time in runtime and then implement our proposed algorithm on GPU in order to using its high amount of parallelisem for obtaining result in fewer time, fewer energy consumption and fewer price.


On-going Research Problems

Accelarting online auctions with Parallel Implementation on GPU: Accelerating Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG) Mechanism

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