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Retrieving Log Files From PlanetLab Nodes

To retrieve log files from your experiments use the command below:

pssh -h nodes.txt -l slice_name -t 300 -p 50 -o ~/results/ "cat yourlogfile.txt" 

The outputs will be saved to a "results" folder under your home dir. There will be one file for each host/node.

Copying Large Files From PlanetLab

Occasionally, your log file will be too big for pssh. The cat command above will either timeout or cause an out of memory error. Use the script below as an example to copy the files one-by-one (i.e. sequentially) using standard scp.


for i in `cat ~/nodes.txt`
   echo "copying from $i"	
   scp -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa slice_name@$i:~/logfile.txt .

Don't forget to replace slice_name with your own slice.