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Access to Lab's Machines

In order to access the machines within the lab, you will need to contact the lab admin and provide him with the following:

  1. Your SFU ID (i.e. your username @sfu.ca)
  2. Your full name in English
  3. Your student number

The admin will then arrange to grant your account access to the lab's machines and will add you to the lab's mailing list. Please also send the lab admin a personal photo (preferably with an aspect ratio of 3:4 and dimensions greater than 300x400 px) to be added to the Wiki.

Access to Wiki

Once you provide the information listed above to the lab admin, a user account will be created for you on the Wiki site for the lab with a username identical your SFU ID and a random password. Contact the lab admin for the password and change it ASAP. After getting access to the Wiki, you will be able to view private pages and create/edit pages.

Lab Servers and Partitions

Please follow this link for information on available servers and how to organize your documents, code, and other research material.