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* '''17 Nov:''' Denny
* '''17 Nov:''' Denny
* '''03 Nov:''' Hamza, (present A. El Essaili et al., [https://cs-nsl-svn.cs.surrey.sfu.ca/cssvn/nsl-memebers/gm-talks/20151103-QoE_HAS_Video_Delivery_LTE.pptx QoE-Based Traffic and Resource Management for Adaptive HTTP Video Delivery in LTE])
* '''03 Nov:''' Hamza, (present A. El Essaili et al., [https://cs-nsl-svn.cs.surrey.sfu.ca/cssvn/nsl-memebers/gm-talks/20151103-QoE_HAS_Video_Delivery_LTE.pptx QoE-Based Traffic and Resource Management for Adaptive HTTP Video Delivery in LTE], IEEE TCSVT, 2015)
* '''20 Oct:''' Kiana, [https://cs-nsl-svn.cs.surrey.sfu.ca/cssvn/nsl-members/gm-talks/20151020-Gradient2D3DConversion.pptx Gradient-based 2D-to-3D Conversion] (ACM MM'15)
* '''20 Oct:''' Kiana, [https://cs-nsl-svn.cs.surrey.sfu.ca/cssvn/nsl-members/gm-talks/20151020-Gradient2D3DConversion.pptx Gradient-based 2D-to-3D Conversion] (ACM MM'15)

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We hold regular meetings for discussion and for every student to update the group on his/her progress. In some of the meetings, graduate students present talks summarizing their research progress so far.

The meetings are good opportunities for students to practice their presentation skills and to get constructive feedback from the group on their research. The meetings keep the group members informed about different research problems being addressed in the group. They are also very helpful in finding research topics specially for new students.

Everybody is welcome to attend. Meeting time: Every other Tuesday, 9:00 - 10:00 AM (PDT). Location: All meetings at T9204E, only Oct 6 meeting is at T9408


Fall 2015

  • 15 Dec: Saleh
  • 01 Dec: Tarek
  • 17 Nov: Denny
  • 06 Oct: Shatnawi (practice MM talk)

Summer 2015

  • 24 Aug: Maram
  • 27 Jul: Canceled Shatnawi
  • 13 Jul: Canceled Scott
  • 19 May Canceled Saleh (present Chen et al., A scheduling framework for adaptive video delivery over cellular networks, ACM MobiCom’13)

Spring 2015

  • 27 Apr: Canceled (INFOCOM)
  • 13 Apr: Shatnawi (practice INFOCOM talk)
  • 07 Apr: Hamza (Practice PhD Proposal Exam)
  • 16 Feb: Canceled Kiana (2D-3D Conversion)
  • 02 Feb: Canceled Hamza (Free-viewpoint Video Streaming)

Spring 2013

  • 05 Mar: Som, Canceled

Fall 2012

  • 27 Nov: Tamir,

Spring 2011

  • 01 Feb: Ahmed Bu-khamsin, Top Ten Computationally-Complex Problems in Oil and Gas Exploration Filed

Group meetings were held biweekly up to Dec 2010.

Fall 2010

  • 21 Dec: Group discussion.

Spring/Summer 2010

  • 17 May: Cameron, Reducing Energy Consumption in Online Network Games on Mobile Devices
  • 10 May: Cong, Latency Reduction in Online Network Games
  • 18 Jan: Shabnam, P2P Streaming with Newtork Coding and Scalable Video Coding

Fall 2009

  • 08 Dec: Yi, Video Streaming over Cooperative Wireless Networks
  • 27 Oct: Yuanbin, Segment Scheduling in P2P Streaming Systems
  • 22 Sep: Som, Video Streaming over WiMAX Networks
  • 08 Sep: Cong, Minimizing Round-Trip Time in Online Games

Summer 2009

  • 18 August 09: Mohammad and Cong: 30 min each. Present their Directed Reading projects.
  • 07 Jul: Yi
  • 26 Jun: Ahmed
  • 05 Jun: Canceled (Mohamed attending NOSSDAV'09)
  • 29 May: Kianoosh, End-to-End Secure Delivery of Scalable Video Streams
  • 08 May: Kianoosh, Analysis of Authentication Schemes for Nonscalable Video Streams

Spring 2009

  • 27 Feb: Shabnam and Yuanbin
  • 23 Jan: Cheng (rehearse your PhD proposal) and Kianoosh