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* [[pCDN:Installation|Installation]]
* [[pCDN:Installation|Installation]]
* [[pCDN:Faq|FAQ]]: Please check the FAQ page before submitting a bug report.
* [[pCDN:Faq|FAQ]]: Please check the FAQ page before submitting a bug report.
* [[pCDN:Feedback|Feedback]]: We welcome any feedback on the pCDN system.
* [[pCDN:Bugreport|Howto Report a Bug]]
* [[pCDN:Bugreport|Howto Report a Bug]]
* [[pCDN:QA|Quality Assurance]]
* [[pCDN:QA|Quality Assurance]]

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Peer-assisted Content Distribution Network

We investigate the applicability of the peer-to-peer (P2P) computing paradigm in designing large-scale content distribution systems. The P2P paradigm provides: (i) improved scalability by aggregating resource contributions from peers (end user machines) and reducing the reliance on centralized servers, (ii) reduced cost by utilizing already-deployed resources and eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure, and (iii) rapid deployability by performing all processing at the end systems. The focus of the research is on real-time media streaming for asynchronous client requests distributed over large time scales.

Currently, there is a significant interest in the academic and industrial environments to employ the P2P computing paradigm to develop cost-effective content distribution systems over the Internet. Major content distribution networks, such as Akamai, consider the P2P paradigm as a real threat for their content distribution business. This is because the P2P paradigm may in the future achieve similar services with a fraction of the cost. However, there are several research challenges that need to be addressed to enable the P2P paradigm to achieve this potential. In this research, we tackle these research challenges. Our final objective is to develop a fully functional and reliable P2P content distribution system.





  • Mohamed Hefeeda
  • Cheng-Hsin Hsu (PhD student)
  • Majid Bagheri (PhD student)
  • Kianoosh Mokhtarian (M.Sc. student)
  • Nitin Chiluka (Research Assistant, Spring 2008)
  • Pouya Alagheband (NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards, Summer 2007)
  • Nicolas Gomez (NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards, Summer 2007)