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Priority Short Name Description Estimation (ppl-day) Owner
High Hybrid Peer Matching Algorithm Redesign Network-aware peer matching algorithm, which may take host geolocation info as hint to enhance performance. 5 Not-assigned
High IP-AS Database Also import the IP to AS mapping into relational database. 1 Not-assigned
High Geo-fencing Function Replies to content lookup messages should pass a set of administrator-specified geolocation rules. 4 Not-assigned
Low Distributed pCDN Server Several pCDN server cooperate with each other to support even more clients. 10 Not-assigned
Low Versionized Network Message Formats To improve compatibility between different versions of pCDN clients. 3 Not-assigned
Low End User Agreements We still lack of this. We also need to acknowledge all the LGPL libraries we have adopted in this software. 1 Not-assigned
Low Suppress End Program Window When user logout from Windows, system may complain a not-responding DOS program, this dialog should be disabled. .5 Not-assigned


Priority Short Name Description Estimation (ppl-day) Owner
Medium Disk Access Scheduler and Data Piece Buffer Replacement Algorithm Replacement algorithms, for data piece buffer in memory, that concurrently minimize disk access time are critical to our system performance. Current data buffer and disk access design does not consider disk access time, and may lead to un-necessary delay due to random seek operations. 5 Not-assigned
Medium File Integrity pCDN client shall store downloaded contents into several chucks, where each chuck should support data integrity check that may be integrated with DRM modules in the future. 5 Not-assigned
Low Efficient I/O Channels Both disk access and httpd server should be updated with the Java NIO APIs for higher transfer rates. We also want to explore different piece size for higher disk throughput. 4 Not-assigned
High Timeout Inactive Peers Current pCDN clients send Join messages at initialization time and Leave messages before exiting. The Leave messages, however, are not guaranteed to be received by pCDN server. pCDN server needs to either timeout those inactive pCDN clients or occasionally ping clients to remove those non-existing clients. The heartbeat messages may be re-used for this purpose. 1 Not-assigned
High Geolocation-aware Peer Matching Algorithm Another peer-matching algorithm to increase transfer rates. 1.5 Not-assigned
Raw Socket on Planetlab Nodes Current network probing module requires root privilege and works on Windows and Linux. It, however, does not work on Planetlab's patched Linux yet. This is because Planetlab Linux needs yet another set of (other than Windows and Linux) Raw Socket API. .5 Not-assigned
High Support client to server hop distance measurements pCDN server should listen to the PROBE PORT and response to the UDP response messages. pCDN client needs to probe the server when joining the network. .6 Not-assigned
High Control message amount should be logged at pCDN server pCDN server should log the amount of control messages that has been sent/received. .4 Not-assigned
High Auto Update On-line update mechanism to automatically download software patch 3 Not-assigned
High Runs as Windows Service pCDN server should be able to run as a service. A installer or installation batch file should be provided 1 Not-assigned
High Repackage pCDN server installer shall include linkes to importer, monitor. It shall also include the database file and readme file to guide sysadm through the database setup. .5 Not-assigned
High New Version Available Message pCDN client shall check whether any new update is available at init time and every 24 hrs. It should show a tray balloon to remind users to upgrade. .3 Not-assigned