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Frequently Asked Questions for Users

  • Q: Does Sun Java 1.5.09 work with the pCDN client?
    • A: No, Java runtime 1.6 is required by the pCDN client.

Frequently Asked Questions for Developers

  • Q: What is the CBC's Intranet topology?
    • A: The internal CBC network may contain public (but not allocated to CBC ( addresses and private addresses, but there is no NAT between them. The server is presently on a address and there is no firewall between it and the rest of the users inside CBC. The server is connected to a central router/switch where all the other subnets in the same city connect. Intercity links interconnect those router/switches in all other locations. Addresses are allocated in blocks to different cities. Here is Montreal we have and in Toronto they have and it goes on like this. I would have to check be I believe you can assume that if two addresses are in the same /16, that they are in the same building and or same city with high speed links.

Frequently Asked Questions for Administrators

  • Q: How to import new content into the database?
    • A:
      • Step 1: Open Admin application by going to Start > All Programs > pCDN Server > pCDN Admin. Press "Connect" button in the Login screen that is shown.
      • Step 2: "Server Manager" window is opened, if authenticated. Click on Manage on the menubar and choose Content Manager > New Policy.
      • Step 3: Enter a group-name and if desired to impose restrictions on content access, configure the settings (Subnet, Geo-location and time period) for this group. Then press "Save" to save the group's parameters into the database.
      • Step 4: From menubar, go to Manage > Content Manager > Open. Go to "Import Content" tab. Select the desired group from the combobox and enter a feed URL along with the output feed filename. Press "Import and Convert" to import all the files in this feed file into the database. To import non-feed URL into the database, enter a non-feed URL in the corresponding section and press "Import" button. You can see the list of files that are imported in the "Media Files" tab. Also, for every new group that is created, it can be seen in "Groups" tab.
  • Q: How to update/delete groups?
    • A:
      • Update a group: Go to Groups tab and double click the desired group whose policies you would like to update. It opens up a Policy window and make respective changes and press "Save" to save the new settings for that group or by pressing "Cancel", your changes are not committed and hence the group's policies remain the same as before.
      • Delete a group: Go to Groups tab and select a desired group and press DEL key to delete the record. Note that this deletes all the files that belong to this group. You can see corresponding changes both in Media Files tab's table as well as Groups tab's table.
  • Q: How to update/delete a file?
    • A:
      • Update a file: A file can be moved from one group to another, by selecting corresponding row in Media Files tab and from the third column's combobox, selecting the target group to which this file is desired to be moved.
      • Delete a file: Select the desired file and press DEL key to delete the file.