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We list the features, installers, and instructions for each release on this page. The complete list of features apriori Version 1, please see here.


Version 1


  • Reliable Server(s):
    • Recovery from server crashes: We preserve the on-line client state across pCDN server restarts. This means that the pCDN server can be restarted anytime without scarifying the connected clients. Administrators may restart the pCDN server for several reasons, such as power outage, hardware upgrades, or operating system updates. This new feature minimizes the service downtime without deploying additional hardware.
    • Providing online backup servers: We support one-to-many replication for an even more robust system. CBC many deploy one or more secondary servers, which will take over the responsibility of the primary server when failures are detected. We support hot switchover, which means all the secondary servers are always initialized and can become the next primary server immediately after failures.
  • Geo-Fencing: We support city-level geo-fencing in North America and country-level in other regions. Administrators configure the geo-fencing database through a user-friendly GUI, which can be remotely run at any workstations.
  • Unified Admin Tool: We integrate interface for server monitoring, content admin, and geo-fencing into a unified GUI. Administrators can remotely run this user interface and complete all their daily tasks in it.
  • Optimized Sender-Receiver Matching: We support geolocation-aware sender lookups, which leverage on existing Geo-IP database to search for the closest senders for individual receivers. Our algorithm:
    • Enhances download speeds.
    • Reduces load on backbone network.
  • Performance Tuning and Scalability Testing:
    • Revised protocol design and implementation: We've refined our protocol design, as well as implementation, for a more responsive and robust content delivery system.
    • Tested for large scale clients and replicated servers: We've rigorously tested our system with several hundred clients from all over the world. We've also validated our replicated server implementation with as many as eight servers.
  • Software Management and Support: We've set up web-based info-sharing and bug-tracking systems.
    • Wiki system providing details of the pCDN system at: Wiki.
    • Bug Tracking and Feature Suggestion System at: Bugzilla.


Candidate 1

Please find the initial release candidates as follows.

Candidate 2

Please find the release candidates as follows.

Candidate 3

Please find the release candidates as follows.

Candidate 4

Only server side and management interface are changed. There is no client side updates at this moment. Please find the release candidate below.

Candidate 5 (Oct 7th 2008)

We are releasing the first Intranet version of pCDN client. We are also releasing the first MacOS X build. Please note that pCDN client requires Java 1.6 and OS X 10.5 to run.


The installation instructions for this release can be found here