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Multimedia Streaming in WiMAX Networks

This project studies multimedia services in the emerging WiMAX networks. We look into efficient multimedia broadcast framework over mobile WiMAX networks utilizing the MBS and sleep mode features, in particular, broadcasting multiple scalable video streams to mobile receivers. We study problems like maximizing the quality of video at mobile receivers, minimizing energy consumption at mobile receivers and other related problems.



Discussion and Ideas

Updates from Industry


References and Links

  • XOHMTM mobile 4G service WiMAX deployment by Sprint [1] (First pay-per-use WiMAX service offered in Baltimore, 2 to 4 megabits per second)
  • S. Ahson and M. Ilyas, The WiMAX Handbook, CRC Press, 2008. Three volumes. V1: Technologies, Performance Analysis, and QoS. V2: Standards and Security. V3:Applications, eCopy of V3 through SFU Library.